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I used to work at Paper Software until we quietly switched coasts and became part of Netscape Communications; may I live in interesting times. In a past life, I was the lead engineer in the Live3D group building a VRML 1++ and VRML 2++ browser known variously as WebFX, Live3D and CosmoPlayer. Since Communicator has shipped and we've turned over future development of Live3D/CosmoPlayer to Cosmo Software, I've become an "interested party" (a phrasing I picked up from Kipp) in a number of other projects here at Netscape. Silicon Graphics says they've distributed twenty million copies of the browser. That's pretty cool. You can download a copy of what I've been working on most recently from Mozilla.org.

If you have a VRML browser, the box to the right should contain a really cool VRML world, but even if you do have a VRML browser, the world's probably pretty lame. In any case, this world is best viewed with Live3D 2.0/CosmoPlayer 1.0. Well, let's be honest, it won't actually work properly in any other browser. Clicking on the special Live3D features listed in the world activates and deactivates them. To see the effect of some features, you might need to navigate around a little bit. You can look at the VRML source and use these features in any world running in the Live3D 2.0/CosmoPlayer 1.0 browser. Don't tell SGI though ;-]

I just found out that Jan (YON) has this pretty cool VRML Timeline. He's got one for PEX too, but let's not talk about that. Brendan came by the other day mumbling something about people believing that 3D could cure buttrash. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

For computer graphics geeks, Paul Haeberli's GRAFICA Obscura is a must see.

I used to write a lot of debugging tools. The most well known one was written for the Amiga and called CodeWatcher. It's available from virtually every Amiga ftp site out there (and man, there are, like, way too many). I still get random magazines from obscure publishers in England who put the program on their cover disks once in a while. Kinda cool I guess.

News Flash!
VRML is dead (but don't tell the zealots).

SGI dropped Cosmo Software.
Platinum Technologies picked up the remains.
Platinum laid off all of the VRML people they had been scooping up.
Y, se acabo.

Flash forward to March 17th, 1999. Netscape Communications Corp. has ceased to exist. It is now being slowly digested in the belly of the beast known as America Online. It's the end of an era and time for me to move on to something different. I've decided to go back to my startup roots and as of the beginning of May you'll be able to find me hanging around the offices of Tellme (conveniently located next to Costco and Orchard Hardware in Mountain View). Can't really say much about what I'll be doing. I'm not sure that I really have any idea myself. Mike McCue's going to be in charge again, so there won't be any dull moments. :-)

Download The sweetest smelling VRML browser in the world. now! Here's another link for the same plugin for those that may not think this site is legit. It may take a lot longer to download though...

These guys have some very cool 3D tools. Of course, I have a biased opinion since I spent a few years working on them...

Me. In rare form. In another past life I lived in Minnesota for a while. I still keep in touch with Eric and Dan. Lots of lakes and mosquitos is all I have to say. The picture to the left was taken of me while I was finishing the last bit of a product I wrote that went from idea to shrink wrap in three weeks. Very little sleep would be an accurate description of what that was like. I think at the time this was taken the quote went something like, "Stop that. I look like a dog puked me up."

Some Stuff I Find Interesting

I finally got a scanner. I'm slowing converting a bunch of my photographs to digital format and making them available here for friends and family to see (updated 24-Jan-2000).

I'm sort of into films. Here is a list of films I like to keep close at hand. Rob (aka Dorito) hacked the database using Python in his "spare" time. He was one of the principal engineers of the famous Netscape Bridge. Rob recently decided to move on to greener pastures at Amazon.com.

If you're into LaserDiscs and optical media, here is a really interesting history.

Languages can be fun. See Spot run. Unfortunately, the only links I have are the Hypertext Webster's dictionary and the tres cool Visual Thesaurus. NeXT had a really neat Digital Webster that came with every machine for a while. All good things must come to an end... The "information age" has bestowed upon us heaps of these detestable things called acronyms. One day at work we were attempting to come up with a colorful definition for jonesing so that Nisheeth would know what we were talking about, and after a bit of web surfing we came up with this.

Fiats and Maseratis are kind of cool too. Basically anything Italian. Let's not forget Lotuses. I've recently fallen under the Gallic spell of a Citroen. I recently made a trip to Modena, Italy, the Italian car Mecca. Maybe some of the things that I learned in the process will prove useful to those contemplating a similar journey.

I like maps, and the best kind are online because you don't have to fold them. Here are maps of some places where I have lived and worked in the past.

Some people think I'm sick, but I really like Southpark too. Just keep in mind that what's behind these links "Should not be viewed by anyone."

Yeah, I want Cheesy Poofs.

Oh my God, they killed Kenny! You bastards!

I finally got off my duff and started cycling again. I used to be a fanatic, but then discovered the convenience (and fun) of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. Hopefully I'll strike a balance between the two this time. Sorry, but I don't have any cycling links yet.

I'm not a big fan of TV in general and "reality" shows in particular. However, some rather talented people put together these spoofs of some popular shows and movies. The Troops ones are particularly good.

Video games and Computers. The office 2600 high scores page.

Spain (España, joder)

I really enjoy Spain. It's yet another past life, but also a possible future life. If you're thinking of going to Spain and you'd like to visit the coast, I recommend Javea (Xabia) on the Costa Blanca. It's a fabulous little town that's relatively quiet, but not too quiet. I used to work here many moons ago. Hell, I should just move back there.

Not a lot of my friends in Spain have web pages, but Koldo does.

Pablo's page is so lame that it's not even there anymore... He just told me that he has this other page that's far more exciting, pero tengo mis dudas.

You're reading this page, so you must like lame stuff. Here's some more...

Since you're still reading this, you obviously have too much time on your hands. You need to go bug this other slacker I used to work with. He's going to demolish his house (well, former house) soon. That's pretty cool.

Talk about lame, this guy stole his page from me. He calls himself Spider for some reason. You need to ask him what the story is. Jim's page isn't quite lame, but check it out anyways. He claims to have been my manager at one point in time. Yeah, right.

Well, here's one more link. It used to point to his lame Netscape page, but how he's got this cool page at his own domain. So, even though Tom's page isn't lame anymore the link is still here because it used to be lame. He's another principal bridge engineer and, as of recently, a pit-mate.

News flash! I just found out that my other pit-mate has a really lame page too. He's actually pretty upset that it's still there and is threatening to take it down, so don't be surprised if this link is broken.

Look's like Kyle just put up a homepage... He's responsible for the "Powered by..." logo down below. If you decide you'd like to use this image on your own page, we'd appreciate a mail message so we know who uses it. Thanks.

So did Brad...

I finally found Bill's page. Lame just based on principle. Maybe if it had been updated sometime in the last century...

If Carrie ever puts up a page, I'll add a link to that too. Breath holding not advised. The same seems to apply to the rest of my family!

Oops, I almost forgot Kelt. It's his company's page and it's not actually lame, but I won't hold it against him (for now).

The ultimate slacker just put up a page...

I'm still putting together a list of slackers to link to, so don't be disappointed that you don't have a link here yet. Your time is coming.

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