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I'm not generally one to brag, so I was reluctant to make this page public, but friends and family far away have been asking me about the 1980 Maserati Merak SS that I purchased in 1998. The following are some photos of the vehicle taken with Will's cool digital camera. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

Photos of the 1980 Merak undergoing a partial restoration.
Photos of the 1980 Merak post-restoration.
Photos of the 1980 Merak as it gets ready to board an Intercity Lines transporter for shipment to it's happy new owner.

I couldn't help myself and on July 9, 2000 I purchased another Merak. This one is actually quite a bit different from the Merak SS. It's a 1974 model and was produced during the period when Citroen owned the company. As such it has a fair amount of Citroen plumbing, an interior similar to that of the Citroen SM and many other details that separate it from the later cars. It has spent four years in the Petersen Auto Museum's collection in Los Angeles prior to moving to it's new home in the Bay Area. The previous owner's son was a writer for the L.A. Times and wrote an article about the car, his father and the passage of time that appeared in the paper in two different versions.

Many people ask about the front seats. No they are not aftermarket seat covers. The front faces of the seats are covered in sheepskin - a rare factory option. They are completely original and, surprisingly, really help to keep the legs cool on warm California summer days!

Here are a few pictures taken by the gentleman I purchased the car from and a few of my own:

A few before and after photos of the trip from L.A. to Sunnyvale:

More car pictures than you can shake a stick at

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Tech tips: Lug nut torque setting: 58-64 ft/lbs. Front shocks can be removed by sliding out bolts that hold shocks at top and bottom and then dropping shocks out through A-arms. Quick and easy.

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