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East coast post-Tellme decompression trip, February, 2007. (Last Updated 28-February-2007)

New York, 2006.

Florida, December, 2005.

Mendocino, CA, October, 2005.

New York, 2005. Quickie trip to Georgia, 2005. From Palo Alto to Tracy and back by small plane.

Train trip from Rhinecliff, NY to Montreal, QC.

Spain, 2003.

Ireland, 2003.

A few photos from England, March 2003.

Portmeirion, Wales (yes, "The Village").

A few random photos of Criccieth, Wales.

Biggar, Edinburgh, Balloch, Oban, and Mallaig, Scotland (and places in between).

A few random photos around Richmond and London, England.

Not so interesting photos from Inverness, Florida.

What you might see in and around Villa Rica, Georgia.

Florida, Georgia, Alabama.

Kennedy Space Center.

A few non-car related pictures from my trip to Australia.

Gig Harbor September, 2000.

Italy from my post-Netscape decompression trip.

France from my post-Netscape decompression trip.

Spain from my post-Netscape decompression trip.

Automobiles. (Constantly Updated)

Flight on the Collings Foundation B-24 Liberator "Witchcraft", May, 2007. (Last Updated 24-May-2007)

Butterfly Parade, Pacific Grove, 2006. (Last Updated 8-December-2006)

Leaving and working on old house.

Michael and Laura at the SF Giants game, 25 June, 2006.

Old house "cooling" party, June 2006.

KFOG Kaboom, 2006, from Treasure Island.

We finally found a new house! Woo hoo!.

The Great House Search of 2006. Hemlock fireside party, January, 2006.

Spanish Party at michaelp's, November, 2005.

Patio Party at Lisa's, October, 2005.

Monroe Elementary Fall Fun Festival, 2005.

Bernd's birthday party, 2005.

Deck Party at Carolyn's, September, 2005.

Deck party at Knut & Mollie's, August, 2005.

Daina visits the Bay Area, May, 2005.

"Fishing" in the San Pablo Reservoir, 2005.

"Fishing" in the San Pablo Reservoir, 2004.

Spooky Legos.

Christmas Tree 2003.

Tellme at Pacbell Park, 16 September, 2003.

Apple Celebration at the Computer History Museum, 13 September, 2003.

Ensayo "Chaman."

"Quemada," Oakland, March 2003.

Moving on up to the East side, the beach on July 4th and a sunset photo from the new digs.

I finally found a house! Woo hoo!

Props from the Lucasfilm screening of "Attack of the Clones."

Fireworks by the Rondout in Kingston, NY, July 4, 2001.

The day the USS Constellation was parked in San Francisco.

The day we boxed up Paper Software.

Happenings in my last apartment in Madrid.

Computer Museum.

Tellme party pictures.

Netscape's own aluminum can version of the Golden Gate bridge.

More happenings at Netscape Communications.

Mauricio and Gemma, November, 2005.

Craig and Rachel, October, 2005.

Bryce and Carrie, September, 2005.

Chris and Lisa, Eric and Janina, September, 2005.

Vidur and Kristen, August, 2004.

Ralph and Sarah, August, 2004.

Baiocchis, July 4th, 2004.

I got a Kittie!





Owney and Montell.

Carmel, CA, 2006.

Pacific Grove, CA, 2006.

Tomales Bay State Park, 2006. Manka's Inverness Lodge, 2006. Boss 302 Mustang and Yak 52 at the Livermore airport, June, 2005.

de Young Museum, November, 2005.

China Beach (Sea Cliff), November, 2005.

PIXAR Animation Studios, October, 2005.

Fantasy of Flight, Polk City, Florida, December, 2004.

Corner Stone Gardens, Sonoma, CA, August, 2004.

Views from Grizzly Peak Road over the Bay Area, 2003.

Pool on top of the Chinatown Holiday Inn, San Francisco, 2003.

Golden Gate Park/The Presidio, January, 2004.

UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens, November, 2003.

Up the hill and down the hill, 2003 onward.

NYC September 11, 2002.


"Ground Zero." December 27, 2001.

Yosemite National Park, September, 2000.

New York.


Tellme Networks.

A long time ago, we lived in the UK.

This photo was taken by Mark Richards one day at Netscape shortly before I decided to move on. I'm the funny lookin' guy on the Zappy, and that's Nisheeth pretending to be engrossed in who-knows-what.

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