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2003 recarpeting

A shot of the inside of Building 1
after Warehouse Party 2.0.
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Dannyman's domain.
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"Grabscrab" used to be the game of
choice during breaks.
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Getting ready for people to move into
Cordless Headset Land.
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michaelp desk 2005

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The new digs may be a bit more corporate, but
we've still got Austin and a few loft beds.
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Moved in and settled.
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Moving to a bigger space.
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Moving into the new space.
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For reasons unknown Kyle really has a thing
for the Teletubbies. It's not clear that
they're so good for kids though. I mean these
two seem to have a little habit they need to
work on.
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Our cubbyhole in our temporary office space.
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View from one of the lofts.
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Guess how much the desks cost.
(Less than a video game!)
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Brad in our cubbyhole in our temporary office space.
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Looking down into our first warehouse space.
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We all like Austin Powers.
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It's not every office that you
can park a Hummer in.
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Austin and the CFO's desk.
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A pair of new arrivals.
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Our first conference room.
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Big video games.
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Office c. 2003.
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Office c. 2003.
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Trying out the fancy new beanbags in the
"pit" area for large meetings.
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