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I know I have a truly tragic fascination with
cars. Taking pictures of sights such as this
is just the tip of the iceberg.
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Many years later, we returned to the UK to
see what had changed. We found this.
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The Winchester Cathedral. A most impressive
sight for a nine year old. What was even
cooler was that the Wessex Hotel, where we
were staying, looked out over the
Cathedral itself.
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Eventually we moved into Cheston House at
the end of Chestnut "Avenue", in Colden
Commons. Maybe not quite the bright center
of the universe, but it was great fun for
a bunch of Yanks.
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Daina in Winchester.
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This is where we got our 1977 Thanksgiving
day dinner from. At the time, we were living
in the Wessex Hotel in Winchester and felt
adventurous, so Fish and Chips it was.
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At the age of nine, I was shocked to learn
that there could be both a Woodstock,
England and a Woodstock, New York.
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